Original Music


We compose original music in virtually all styles including orchestral, electronic, ethnic, jazz, hip-hop, pop. retro, and of course, Tuvan throat singing!


Sound Design


We create emotionally-impactful sounds that are tailored to your game. Whether it be gunshots, explosions, spacecraft engines, environmental ambiences, UI, character foley, or satisfying and rewarding indicators, we work with you to bring sonic life to your game. 

Original Music

We create original music in almost every known genre: orchestral, jazz, hip-hop, pop, rock, indie, retro synthwave, ethnic, and of course, Tuvan throat singing! 


Dialogue, VO


We love giving voice to the characters of your world. We work with casting agencies to find voice talent for you and record in top-notch studios. 



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We integrate and design audio within Unreal and Unity engines or through the use of middleware programs Wwise and FMOD. Each project is tailored specifically for optimization and performance.